Blockchain-backed customer engagement solutions that look and feel like your brand, not our tech.

Fan Engagement Expertise

We’re no stranger to this market. Our brands Perk Social and Digital Diplomas and have provided unique technology and revenue solutions for over 15 years to professional sports teams in football, hockey, basketball, racing and baseball, and collegiate and premiere fortune 50 companies. We understand the nuances of working with large institutions to deliver compliant and effective results and revenue in a big way. 

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Data Insights

Rare Goods + Perk Social has unlocked the future of fan insights with the first data-driven loyalty program with NFTs.

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watched a video sold an NFT renewed season tickets updated their address subscribed to SMS purchased an NFT spent $73 on concessions

Blockchain Crypto NFTs Loyalty Security Marketing Compliance Customer Service
Blockchain Crypto NFTs Loyalty Security Marketing Compliance Customer Service

A rare set of advantages

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We already have live programs with Professional Teams

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Our platform powers the Calgary Flame's NFT offering. Check it out
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White-Label Primary and Secondary Marketplaces.

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Our Primary and Secondary Marketplace looks and feels like your brand, not our tech.

Your fans, your brand, your data

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Your Content. Your Data

You get the information of fans who purchase your universities' NFTs - FREE

Easy for any fan. No Crypto or Digital Wallet Needed.

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To make a purchase just pay with a credit card. Simple.

Fan3 Experience

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We create presale campaigns with off-the-shelf sweepstakes and contests to prepare your fans for NFTs while collecting rich user data.

More that just highlights and clips

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Our team of artists paired with our 25 years of fan engagement experience makes original content for your brand that your fans will love. We build themes around content that drive added value through surprise, utility, and story to keep fans engaged.

Native Rewards and Loyalty Program.

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Perk Social, our gamified loyalty program, integrates into your NFT platform. Fans can be gifted or even earn NFTs by completing challenges, playing games, sharing to their social profiles and more. This data is all shared with you and your team.

The only platform with Dynamic Royalties

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Our proprietary software allows us to change royalty amounts and recipients after the NFT has been minted. The overall percentage stays the same, but who gets what and how much of that percentage can change as your partnerships change.
flexibility in accountability

The collegiate space is changing more regularly than ever before. We developed Dynamic Royalties™️ to allow you to update your revenue allocations as you need in the future.

Once a NFT is minted, you cannot change the royalties, but with our proprietary Dynamic Royalty system, you can update allocations as your business changes.
Royalty Rights Past

5/2/2021 - 12/31/2021

Royalty Rights CURRENT

1/1/2022 - 06/30/2025

Royalty Rights FUTURE

7/1/2025 +