What is your company’s competitive advantage?

What is your company’s competitive advantage?

Our competitive advantage is experience and creativity.

Working with over 140 Colleges, Universities, and Pro Sports teams we understand the opportunity, but also the logistical complications working with a large University often brings. We have successfully built and launched Collegiate programs that have garnered 100s of thousands of users and created millions of dollars in new revenue streams for each team through our initiatives. For over 20 years, our founders have worked with teams in the NBA, NHL, NFL, and directly with the NCAA on numerous occasions. We are not new to this space. We have been in it as a business for over 8 years and our C-level team each has over 20 years of experience working in the Sports and Collegiate space.


Our secret sauce is we have been building loyalty programs that have grown to hundreds of thousands of users and understand how to continually engage fans and get them to react and purchase. NFT programs are not e-commerce, they are engagement opportunities. If not treated that way the fans will fizzle out.  For us, this is an intricate part of the process and we have the IP around rewarding and keeping fans engaged.

Content Production and Design:

Our team has won Oscars, Emmys and Cleos awards in their careers. Additionally, our team has produced work you’ve likely seen for Marvel, Game of Thrones, Disney, ILM and Pixar. We have curated a team that has the highest standards for privacy, rights management, and creative production through fun design you can’t help but love. We love the opportunity to take content from the Universities that fans love, and combine it with our team’s knack for engaging original content to produce fun new digital keepsakes and collectibles via NFTs. Our production pipeline was created to ensure timely management of assets to keep the site fun and engaging. Our design pipeline allows for access to over 90+ designers that all have created NFTs before and worked on some of the biggest NFT launches including Bored Ape and Crypto Punks. 


NFTs uniquely combines traditional e-commerce elements, with exciting new capabilities on the blockchain making for a mashup of tools, regulations, data and infrastructure. To accommodate the ever-changing space around NFTs, we split our tech team into three teams who focus and specialize in the respective areas; Core Systems, Blockchain and Data/Security. Each team’s CTO/lead works together with their counterparts to ensure all facets of our platform are monitored, updated and running smoothly based on the most current changes and compliance requirements in the space. 

Additionally, we have begun to develop a real-time game engine ecosystem allowing us to create dynamically generated content, characters, NFTs, and eventually, a metaverse-like system to connect fans with new content, community, and commerce in the digital world. 

Our game engine team works with Activision, Snail Games, Disney, Epic, and other top-tier game companies. We understand what it is like to work with and be successful with the largest brands around. 

Our Cryptographers have been in the Blockchain community since the beginning and have worked with some of the biggest movers in the space including Coinbase and Dapper Labs.


Our Legal team has been at the forefront of the Blockchain and NFT space for compliance, and trademarked/licensing. Working in America, China, and Canada, our team has helped multiple Crypto and NFT companies navigate the space to determine the appropriate strategies for future-proof approaches, technology, and compliance.