Does your company foresee collaboration with parties other than the Conference and its member schools?

​​Yes. To fully embrace and scale this incredible opportunity, our team will look to explore strategic collaborations and partnerships as they make sense.

Collaborations would only be considered if they bring a substantial gain or elevate the NFT offering. For example, we have partnered with NBA teams and famous local artists in their city to create specialty NFT collabs that drive increased demand while also bringing a new customer base to the NBA team from the artists’ fans and followers. Any potential new collaboration that would utilize your brand or content would be first proposed for approval with your team and stakeholders.

For internal production and development, we currently have a joint venture with both a third-party development resource and 3D designers. To be able to scale up and get all teams active at the same time we will supplement our internal team with each of these companies. This allows us access to premier top talent that has worked with some of the largest brands in the world as we grow our team.  All products and strategies will be developed in-house by the Rare Goods team.