Assume again that an NFT sells for $100 in the secondary market of your platform. From that gross amount, how will revenues be shared? Please include any estimated transaction costs, service fees, etc.

In the example for the Primary Sale, 5% will cover Credit Card, Processing, and Transfer Fees. Your profit amount is 50% of the net revenue. In the Secondary Market Sale example, the royalty amount is set to the accepted industry standard of 10%. Once Credit Card, Processing, and Transfer Fees are covered, your profit amount is 50% of the royalty revenue.

The collegiate space is changing more regularly than ever before. Conference changes, NIL, rights holders, new legislation, and many other items impact who gets a cut of your sales. We have developed Dynamic Royalties to allow you to update your revenue allocations as you need in the future. Our system tracks and records every royalty sale into a detailed break-out allowing you to pay every party correctly keeping you complaint and current as contracts change over time.