Customer Engagement solutions that look and feel like your brand. Backed by the power of Web3 and the most comprehensive data collection available.

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Our Products and Solutions


Rewards and Loyalty

Perk is a centralized platform designed to maximize engagement, awareness, and retention by gamifying participation through personalized content, communications, and rewards. Your data collection includes trends, affinities, social network information, and feedback loops with:


NFT Marketplace and Promotions

A complete white-label primary and secondary marketplace seamlessly integrated into one system and experience. Your customers and fans can redeem, buy, and sell NFTs all WITHOUT CRYPTO. Use it for:


Blockchain Document System

We've built a 'front end' for the blockchain allowing our clients to publish documents with a blockchain-backed foundation for total trust and authenticity.

With every action taken, we provide you with rich data on your customer base.

Actionable Data

You'll have total customer insights and analytics to help you scale your company-wide initiatives.

By incorporating social connect, we capture existing user data, then track every survey, quiz, challenge, and engagement with the system to build a robust collection of insights and data without having to impose on users. 

  • Full Name
  • Age or Age Range
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Location & Hometown
  • Profile Photos
  • Likes and Interests
  • Birthday
  • Email Address(s)
  • Actions in System
  • User Influence
  • Social Impressions
  • Segment Tags
  • System Standing
  • Shares in System
  • Post Engagement
  • Sales Conversions
  • Program Referrals
  • + Custom Insights

Any product, any industry

Our solutions work for any product or event. Physical, digital, live events, and even the Metaverse, we've got you covered. We can elevate your offering with fun, rewarding results to keep your customers engaged and loyal.

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Customer Use Cases

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